Zalman Yisroel Avner

Chazanowsky Family Front: Abram Chazanowsky and his wife Golda (ne Markus) Back row: Shlomo, Fruma Liba, unknown, Dov Arieh

Yehezkiel Shimshelevich

Born Kopcheve, died in Leningrad. Son of Ben Zion Shimselevich and Chana Ester Kopchofsky

Slava Kopchovsky

daughter of Yehezkiel and Sora Gita Kopchovsky. She was born in 1909 and died in the Kovno Ghetto in 1944

Nadia (ne Berkman)

widow of Tsvia Hirsh Kopchovsky

Leib Jershansky with relatives from Kopcheve

Fira and Dov Leib Chazanowsky, Ester (ne Miller) and Leib Kopchofsky, 1924-25 Mina Kagan married Arieh Dov 4 Dec 1927 in Kaisaidorys

Kuna Krishtanky married Haskell Ofchinsky

She died in Kopcheve in 1931

Leizer Hoffman

on his left is the man who hid him during the war

Leizer Hoffman

son of Ber Leib Hoffman and Braina Ofchinsky, he was born in 1896 in Kopcheve and was the only Jew to live there after WWII. He died in Kopcheve in 1956

David Ofchinsky

son of Falk and Devora Rivka, was born 1854 in Kopcheve and was murdered at Katkiske in Nov 1941