Emilija Pliater Museum Exhibition

Kapciamiestis has a wonderful museum about the 500+ year history, its people and its resources. We have been very fortunate over the years to visit the museum regularly and appreciate its director, Odeta Barkauskiene, and all that she has accomplished. You can see some of the displays in various Trips reports here on this site. We were interested in having a permanent display in the museum about the history of the Jews in Kapciamiestis. We worked closely with museum director Odeta Barkauskiene and cooperation of Kapciamiestis Council director Vidmanti Dambrauskui to create a permanent exhibition of the history of the Jews in Kapciamiestis. First they installed three       that we had provided. The following year, in 2016, they initiated the permanent exhibition. We are most appreciative to them for their guidance and cooperation. In addition we thank Olga Lempert for her excellent translations from English to Lithuanian and Russian.   You can view the complete exhibition with the following links: English Lithuanian Russian